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Women Exceeding was birthed from a passion for helping others reach their full potential and a genuine appreciation for women working towards their dreams. Our founding team shared a love for learning about the journeys of various women from a myriad of backgrounds. They wanted to create a space that validated the norm of support and community, as well as, challenge negative stereotypes of combativeness among women. Women Exceeding continues to strive to spread the message of unity and collaboration to achieve greatness.


Christina Danielle Cornelius

The Dreamer – President

Maya Janay Harris

The Doer – Head of Marketing

Nina Monet Dace

The Realist – Vice President


Brittney Williams

Argus Media – Events and Logistics Manager / Treasurer

Kimber White

KIPP Texas Public Schools – Program Operations Manager

Iman Garrett-Price

Board Member Emeritus


JaNae Winfield

External Affairs Manager

Katherine McBride

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator
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