Do you have a favorite post from 2019? Today we want to share the top 10 personal and professional development posts based on the ones you read the most! We hope you enjoyed reading them just as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!

1. She Will Productivity Planner

This was our most read post of 2019! We are connected with some pretty amazing women, one being Davinia, the founder and creator of the She Will: Productivity Planner. Organize and guide your year with this great planner and find out more information here!


2. Six Alpha Woman Traits That Make You Stand Out

You all loved learning about how to identify the masterful alpha woman within yourself. It is no surprise that you are probably a hard-working, “get-it-done” type of woman and that you are fiercely loyal. Read more of this post here!

3. Four Mistakes To Avoid In Your Next Job Search

So many of you found this post to be very informative when searching for that next career move. Many of us have wasted time applying for roles without even reading the job description. With the job market being extremely competitive like it is, we can’t afford to not have a strategy. Read more here to find out the four mistakes you need to avoid.

4. Women Reblog: How To Run An Effective Meeting

This post is about eliminating confusion in order to run an effective meeting. This was a favorite because it’s always better to be prepared to make sure you maximize everyone’s time. If the agenda is clear and concise, everyone at the meeting will be quick to attend just as quick as they are to leave when it’s over. Read here for more information.

5. It’s Alright to Not Be Alright

Mental Health is so important more now than ever. Many of us tend to be the strong friend, always busy making sure everyone else is okay and putting our needs last. This post taught us how to identify our own triggers to make sure you remain the best you, you can be. Read more here.

6. The First Step: Identifying Perfection Paralysis

Who else has the best ideas? This post is about how often times we brainstorm and develop the perfect business pitch, only to let our ideas die in the execution phase. That feeling you get when you are about to expose a piece of yourself to the world is called perfection paralysis. If you can relate, read more here.

7. Women Reblog: Five Steps To A Good LinkedIn Profile Photo

Of course a picture speaks a thousand words, but what words are your pictures speaking from your LinkedIn Profile? You all loved how informative this post was. This post gives you 5 simple steps on how to make a good impression in your LinkedIn profile photo. Read here for more details.

8. Pace Yourself To Greatness

This post quickly became a favorite because we all want what we want and we want it now. We tend to get impatient with ourselves when the vision for what we want is so clear. So remembering to pace yourself to greatness is a vital part of the process. Read more here.

9. My Journey To Business School: MLT (Part 3)

Many of you are interested in getting your MBA which is why you all loved reading about Nina’s journey to Business School. There are four parts so far but you all really loved reading part 3. Read more about her journey here.

10. Know Your Worth Stop Leaving Money On The Table

This post is a favorite because it’s such a great resource! So many of you want to know how to figure out your worth and your value while being confident in asking for that amount. You have to set the price point for what you want, or someone else will tell you what you’re worth. Read tips on how to stop leaving money on the table in 2020 here.

Were any of the posts we mentioned above one of your favorites? If so, share with us what you liked about it on that post. We can’t wait to read your responses! Thank you for being here, we are so excited to share more with you in 2020!

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