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Do you have a side hustle or passion project that lives on social media? If so, do us and yourself a favor and get your own website!

These days, most of us wear many hats. We have our regular nine to five jobs and a side hustle or passion project. If your current side hustle lives on Instagram, Facebook or any other social platform–keep reading this post to find out why you need to set aside some money to get your own website ASAP.

Your website is owned by YOU

I’m going to start with the most important reason first and that’s ownership. When your content lives on a social platform-Facebook, Instagram or YouTube-those platforms essentially owns your content. We know how quickly social media rises and falls these days so if those platforms were to disappear tomorrow, so would your content. Domains are typically inexpensive so you can purchase your own “.com” one time and own it forever. Platforms like WordPress and Square Space make it easy for anyone to create an appealing, fully functioning website. These platforms also give you access to hosting to keep your site up and running. Put these together and you’ve just created your own space to showcase your work!

A Website is professional

Few things are more frustrating than trying to work with someone who is unprofessional. I’ve seen it all from private business pages on Instagram, to pages with no contact information. A website helps you organize all the vital information your audience needs. Create an “About Me” page with an updated, clear photo so people can get to know more about you. Use your website to fully expand upon the products or services you offer in a way that’s easy to access and understand. Lastly, have a contact form linked to a email address that you monitor on a regular basis in order to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.

Easily expand your reach

This goes back to my first point about your website being owned by you. When you have a website for your side hustle, you own a piece of the internet where people can find you. Even if they aren’t searching for your site directly, keywords on your site can lead someone right to you! Having your side hustle on social media only limits your options. We like to think of social media as a promotion tool, but our main goal is always to get people to our website where the juicy content lives! Create “cornerstone content” that captures the essence of who you are. This way, people know what kind of resource your website is.

Grow an email list

Why is this important? Well, growing an email list means you can build your own community. Share newsletters, offer your products/services, and even request feedback through your email list. Typically email subscribers are people who you know value what you have to offer. Having a website gives you a huge advantage over social media when it comes to growing an email list. It’s nearly impossible to collect emails via Instagram or Twitter, but you can create opt-ins on your website for people to subscribe.


We have a free downloadable you can use as a website creating reference guide. Print or save this doc and check off the list as you go! Let us know your thoughts on having a website for your side hustle. Do you have one already or is it still in the works?

Download your free website checklist here!

XO Maya

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