Videos from our Instagram @WomenExceeding, highlighting our 2015 Woman Crush Wednesday Honorees.


Kehinde Smith: International Serial Entrepreneur and Beauty Industry Specialist

Arionne Nettles: Serial Entrepreneur and Journalism & Marketing Specialist

Lidia Muse: Jewelry Designer

Dr. Shante´Bishop: Entrepreneur, Host, and Motivational Figure

Briana Babineaux: Singer

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Jillian “JJ” Simmons: Radio Personality and Philanthropist

Elizabeth Flores: Fashion Designer

Chanelle Graham: Model, Actress, and Comedian


Katrina Jackson: Tattoo Artist


Ariel Tinsey: Fashion Stylist


Vanessa Posso: Jewelry and Fashion Designer

Zelma “DJ SupaStar” Lee: DJ, Entrepreneur, & Mentor

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Dana Chanel: Religious Activist

Courtney Wilkerson: Talent Manager & Entrepreneur

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Heather Lindsey: Religious Figure, Mentor, & Entrepreneur

Chiara Graham: Serial Entrepreneur, Beauty, Tax, and Fashion


Ashley Weathersby: Children’s Author


Ari Nicole Washington: Boutique Owner & Sports Public Relations Expert 


Yetunde Taiwo Shorters: Public Relations Expert, Graphic/Web Designer, & Inspirational Figure

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