There is something about the power of a community of women coming together that creates a spiritual movement. Women-owned businesses continue to grow at a rapid pace as more women make the choice to bet on themselves. Women have proven that we are truly talented and capable of creating and running a business.

An important concept to learn is the ability to sustain a business over time, and a key to sustainability is mentorship, having someone available who can deliver guidance and advice based off previous experiences. Great events such as the “She Said” conference, led by Founder LaToshia Norwood, was a significant platform used to engage women from many different industries in an opportunity to strategically focus on building powerful businesses and networking with other women developing their brands.

In celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month, which was recognized in October, the “She Said” conference was an incredible display of women empowerment. The conference was designed to encourage women to “be audacious” and to break through business barriers. The conference was housed at Texas Woman’s University in which women were able to select from various workshops on topics that would best direct their business forward. There were so many powerhouse women speakers there to pour into the community of women such as Elaine Turner, author of Breaking The Glass Slipper, Kim Roxie, founder of Lamik Beauty, April Day, president of the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance, Tiffany Williams, CEO and creative director of Twice Media Productions, and so many other amazing women bosses who are building their own empires.

The power of network is real. Many of the women including myself walked away with more than business cards and names. We walked away with real connections made with women who are willing to offer real encouragement and advice on the steps and tools necessary for prosperity. There to add more inspiration to the women empowerment movement was Mayor Sylvester Turner. He spoke about how proud he was of what the conference represented and acknowledged the intense rise in women-owned businesses and the irrefutable affect it has on the economy.

To be a female business owner is an impressive accomplishment, but to be a female business owner, who is a trusted adviser and helps improve the lives of others, is one hell of a legacy. Functions, such as the “She Said” conference, are excellent resources for female business owners to take advantage of during their journey of entrepreneurship. It brings women together to ensure women continue to face obstacles head-on and discuss gender pay inequality, and unequal access to funding and venture capital. With the proper strategy, discipline, and vision in place, female business owners can positively prepare their company to endure economic crisis. Being able to form a bond with women who have experienced a breakthrough helps to put things in perspective. The world needs female business owners who talk openly about the struggles of business longevity, and how they paved their own path to inspire other women to be game changers.









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