This blog is for you. For the one that has been sitting at your desk frustrated. Frustrated about corporate structure, glass ceilings, hiring freezes and just all in all life. I am here talking specifically to you. This is for the person that is super smart and has great communication skills but somehow got skipped over to the promotion. Look, life is not fair and you are more than your career title.

It get’s so easy to be consumed in job titles and corporate politics that you take on that title as an end all be all. You are better than that and more than that title in that corporate bubble and I am urging you to burst it.

Did you always want to work in sports media but somehow life found you working in sales for paper products? Well, don’t let that prevent you from going after your dreams. Let your 9-5 FUND your dreams and go out there and make your side hustle the side hustle of your dreams since your 9-5 was anti-climatic.

You are not that freshman who could not land an internship or that new hire that could not find her way around the office. You are a talented, smart, results-driven career professional and I need you to believe in yourself more than you do.

My story? I found myself working with Coca-Cola in account management. Now, this was a GREAT first job out of college and I was beyond happy to be working in it. However, I knew I was in a more Salesy than Marketing role. So what did I do? I researched for a sports opportunity that was more marketing and I found it. Now coming out as a fresh graduate I presented this opportunity as something I would do for free. I was doing digital marketing for Coach Tom Shaw and NFL offseason training and combine trainer. It worked out because his name and that opportunity ended up opening doors for me and my network grew because of it.

Now that was the first and only thing I have ever done for free but it helped me to not put myself in a box, not to allow my job title to define me and to ultimately set myself to the path I am now. Owning this out of the box brand and while being able to be super corporate when needed.

Now I challenge you to do the same:

  1. Be Honest. What are some of your dreams and career aspirations?
  2. Have you researched companies in your area that you can provide work for? (Paid or Unpaid)
  3. Provide a scope of work and a capabilities sheet on what you can accomplish.
  4. Ensure you have an end date of when after test period is over, payment will commence.
  5. GO FOR IT! You will be surprised how many YESes you get. People do not turn down free work and this can be your in!

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