Hey Ladies, It is the fourth quarter and as 2015 comes to a close it’s time for us to re-evaluate our visions. You know those dream and vision boards we constructed at the top of the year, those things we promised we would accomplish, those things that have gotten buried under bills, our realities and certain disappointments. As we all know life happens and it’s easy to forget about things we deem important to us. Though, we may not commit to those vision board dreams there is one thing I want you to commit to for the rest of the year and that is effective networking. Networking effectively now can set you up for a great year in 2016.  Challenge yourself to get ahead of the ball, research your market and connect. I have come to realize that it truly is not what you know it’s who you know and the more you know the better your market will become. In this article I will share 3 tips for what works for me when it comes to networking effectively.  

  1. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself can often times be a struggle especially for those of you who are introverts. But you’ve got to see this challenge as an opportunity to grow your market and pockets. Those dreams jobs aren’t just going to hop in your lap you’ve got to pursue them. You’ve got to meet the people in position where they are. They aren’t going to find you [at least not right away]. Yes, it will stretch you beyond your limits but aren’t your dreams worth it? I think so. Challenge yourself to save your money to attend dinners, fundraisers and events in your industry. You never know who you’ll meet. Could be that future employer you’ve been social media stalking 🙂  

  1. Research Your Market

The worst thing you can do is know little to nothing about the industry you aspire to become a power player in. I would advise anyone desiring to become a mogul to research their market. When you finally get that golden opportunity to pitch to a future employer at an event what are you going to say? I suggest mastering your elevator pitch. Also, know what’s going on in your city? Something is always happening and if not don’t be afraid to become that trailblazer that creates the things you wish existed. In addition to creating, don’t be afraid to understand that you don’t know everything. Learning is available to anyone [especially if you’re starting out in your field] Don’t be afraid of internships no matter how qualified you think you are. You never know, that internship may turn into a paid opportunity. Trust me your research is going to pay off, soon!  

  1. Connect

Who’s in your market personally and professionally? Are you truly taking advantage of those you are connected too? Keep in mind you’ve already challenged yourself and you’ve researched your market so how do you use these connects to essentially grow your brand and business? I recently learned to always been on the mouths of people [keep them talking about you – positively of course.] I’ve met so many people via networking that have given me their cards after a conversation. Though, they may not have had jobs at the moment available my conversation left a window of possibility. That would not have happened had I not left a positive impression. Always, leave a positive taste in people’s mouths about you and what you offer to your industry.   I hope you will take my advice and use these 3 steps to effectively network in your field. Commit to your dreams and watch it work you in more ways than one. You’ve got what it takes GO, GET IT!   -AJ Linton Made Magazine

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