Being a Detroit Native, there’s a phrase that describes the spirit of our great city and those who occupy it perfectly – Detroit Hustles Harder. Naturally, everyone will disagree and swear that their city is the epitome of hustling but before you challenge me to a hustle-off, bear with me.

There are a number of people who have inspired me when I needed some motivation to persevere. Many of those people know who they are and what they did for me but one Detroit hustler, Mia Ray, helped me out numerous right through her Instagram account and never even knew it.

Mia Ray, fashion blogger, entrepreneur and all right DIVA hails from the wonderful Detroit city. Her blog, Confessions of a Glam-Aholic, covers everything glam and prides itself on being the average girls window to everything fashion, beauty or style related despite their income. She’s currently building her brand “Glam-Aholic Lifestyle” and working as a freelance stylist. Mia Ray’s brand also includes the nationally recognized “Same Girl Different Hair” tag represented in Essence Magazine, Madame Noire Magazine, PYNK Magazine, by Stylist Tameka Foster Raymond, Stylist Emily B. and many more!

Long story short, she’s a fashionista with an entrepreneurial spirit. During my time as a student at Michigan State University, Mia Ray blossomed in my book from the “Glamaholic Lifestlyle lady who sold the cute bags” to a fashion stylist, entrepreneur, popular blogger and the mother of two super-cute boys! I watched her brands evolve, her following improve drastically and most importantly, her goals exceeded. She inspired me daily with her work ethic and commitment to her dreams. It wasn’t easy finding motivation to do what I needed to do to achieve my goals but whenever I went to Mia Ray’s page and saw what she was working on next, it rekindled my Detroit spirit and made me want to hustle harder.

Now that I’ve graduated from MSU and will be embarking on the sometimes intimidating and sometimes daunting real world, I’m able to channel my inner “Detroit Hustler” and remaim confident in my ability to not only reach my dreams but excel and create new ones. Mia Ray has been and continues to be a symbol of hard work and dedication for me. Being able to follow her career and successes through her social media has benefited me in a way that I never imagined. Her ability to motivate and inspire through her own experiences is why I admire her and her work thus far.
Head over to one of her social media profiles listed below and I’m sure at least one will give you a dose of motivation!






-Ashleigh Artist (Twitter & Instagram: @msashleigha)


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