What’s your background? (Origin, Education, Family, etc.)

I’m a proud Chicago native. Born and raised on the southside where I danced, cheered, and played the piano to get through the adversities of the city. My mother being a Chicago native and my father being a Los Angeles native, I had the best of both worlds. I have no siblings, therefore I gained a lot of independence at a young age.  After graduating from high school, I continued my education at Bradley University, which is where I graduated from back in 2012 with a degree in Communications. About a year and a half ago, I relocated to Houston to take part of the growing oil and gas industry. I would say it’s been one of my best decisions thus far.

What has been your productivity story/inspiration for the productivity planner?

No matter what stage I’ve been at in my life (high school, college, or corporate America), I noticed that I always kept a planner, journal or wrote a list of things to accomplish daily. After going through the millions of planners that I’ve purchased, none of them contained everything I needed on a day to day basis. Being a firm believer in always having a plan, I created this amazing productivity planner. When you step into this planner, it will help organize and guide you through your year. The planner provides motivation through words from successful women. It also tracks your fitness, water and daily goals, plus more.

What was the most difficult part of the process of creating the planner?

The Design!! Figuring out what women needed to succeed every day and putting it all into one planner.  I want this planner to appeal to all women of all ages so I had to make sure we all felt included. 



What has been the most fulfilling?

One of my favorite quotes says, “You gain nothing, thinking of what you could’ve been.” I kept that quote in mind when creating this planner. Each week ensures that you won’t miss out on your daily or weekly goals. Knowing that I’m creating something on my own that will help women reach their highest abilities each day is such a blessing to me. I’m also stepping into a business that’s predominately ran by other races but I’m adamant about leaving my mark, that fulfills me as well.

What are your personal goals and aspirations?

Building a stronger relationship with God, mindfulness, decreasing procrastination and increasing willpower are things I work on daily. Therefore, becoming an expert at those are some of my personal goals. After that, all things will fall into place.  I aspire to help and inspire others, build my career while also expanding my business, make a change and become the best woman I can be.

What is your definition of a woman exceeding?

Any woman that’s on a journey to become her best self while encouraging others on the way, is the definition of a woman exceeding for me. From improving her craft, following her dreams, climbing the corporate ladder or becoming an amazing mother or wife (just to name a few), are all inspiring to someone and can be an example of a woman exceeding.

How do we connect with you?

Instagram: davinialatice

What are the details of your productivity launch?

The planner is titled, “She Will: Productivity Planner.” It will be available for purchase on Friday, February 1st on Amazon. Other purchasing outlets will be available soon.

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