This is the kind of thing that really warms your soul. A teenager from Antioch, California definitely has service in her heart. Nubia Wilson decided for her sweet 16 this year, there wouldn’t be the big celebration or an overly excessive focus on her. Earlier this year Nubia was volunteering in Ethiopia and from that decided that having a lavish birthday party wasn’t the right thing to do. “And instead of gifts, I asked them if they could donate to the cause and I created a page on Crowdrise for them to donate there and I got over $2000,” she said. Witnessing the desolate poverty amongst the people and seeing children walking barefoot to school that only goes to the fourth grade influenced Nubia to raise enough to add a fifth grade class. Wilson hopes to hand deliver the money that she raises to the school this summer. She also wants to become a humanitarian lawyer when she grows up.


Well go ahead Nubia Wilson! #youngwomenexceeding

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