“There is nothing wrong with trying things, when you are lost I feel the best thing to do is to try different things to figure out what you love. I feel like that’s what I did. Trying to find a balance between what you love, what will make you happy, and what will make you successful is pretty hard. I wouldn’t suggest being hard on yourself about it because I feel as though people are always so worried about time. It is important to find your passion, so it is not something to be rushed. Take your time and be open to trying new things because you never know what you are going to do, you never know what you will love and be good at. Try EVERYTHING.”

As if being a mother was not a full time job, in 2012 Rachel Leigh decided to add another title to her name, Entrepreneur. The full time mommy of two started a business in the cosmetic industry, Pear Nova. Pear Nova is a nail lacquer line that is directly related to the fashion industry trends and seasons.

Rachel has always had a love for fashion and an obsession with nail lacquers. It only made sense for her to combine the two. After graduating high school, Rachel attended Cosmetology College. While studying she was able to learn the basics of cosmetics and earn an esthetician’s license.  Then, Rachel went on to study in fashion school. While in fashion school she knew that she always wanted to “do her own thing” and own her own business. Also, while studying in fashion school, she incorporated nail polish in all of her projects, whenever possible. When she graduated she jumped right to it. Having the background of cosmetology and fashion stemmed the birth of Pear Nova. Rachel literally brought the two things she found happiness doing together and created a business. To Rachel, “nail polish is the perfect accessory.”

Rachel self educated herself about business. She found no fear in asking questions. She researched and networked, which connected her to a chemist, whom Rachel credits a tremendous amount of the success of the company. Rachel spends hours studying colors, fashion shows, and magazines. When deciding what lacquers will be released, she does not duplicate the colors of the season, but releases lacquers that compliment these colors. Rachel is a one-woman show for Pear Nova. She handles the shipping, the emails, and she is even learning the chemistry of mixing the colors. Rachel is in love with what she is doing.
She came up with the name Pear Nova by honoring a young woman whom Rachel considered a sister, whose life was cut short as a result of domestic violence in early 2009. She knew that she wanted “Nova” in the name of the company but struggled with what should compliment the name. Rachel being the researcher that she is did exactly that, researched different phrases that included the name Nova. When she came across the Nova Pear Tree, she read about its characteristics: ability to withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. Rachel felt this tree was a great symbol of Nova’s strength, which inspired her to name her line, Pear Nova. Nova’s spirit consistently inspires Rachel.


   Rachel is mother to Mason Anthony and Canyon Grey. Her world is
her boys and her company. “Juggling the business, the mommy, trying to be still a young woman in her twenties, all of that, it makes you grow up really quickly. It makes you mature. It makes you figure out what is important, what’s not important, and really prioritize day-to-day activities. The babies and the business made me mature the most. I try to juggle it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”
Family is very important to Rachel. She is the only girl of three. Her dad gives her input on the art of Pear Nova, sending her anything he reads related to polish. Her mom helps her with the business aspect of the company. From her perspective, the best piece of advice that Rachel has been given is to listen to her parents. Rachel consults her parents in reference to personal life and business. “It’s really good to have people who support you.”

            Rachel is example that is okay to take risks and to allow your heart to lead you. Do not be afraid to try things because if you do not try you are guaranteed to fail. “Shoot for the moon and even if you fail you will land among the stars.” You may even become a SuperNova.

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