The problem is not that we don’t have resources the problem is that we don’t utilize them or make the effort to find them. You spend you time suffering the web any ways why not browse sites that can help you exceed?





  • Her Agenda

This website “serves as a informational and inspirational hub for millennial women” Her agenda offers resources such as the latest events, scholarship, conferences, internships and job opportunities geared toward helping women take steps closer to there goals.






  • The Boss Network

A community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event –based networking.




  • InPower Women

“InPower Women is dedicated to rewriting the narrative on women and leadership.”  The site offers blogs, professional development resources and over 200 indexes’ of research abstracts on academic and commercial studies looking at women in business.





  • Ladies Who Launch

An engaging and interactive site for female entrepreneurs the provide resource for starting, building and running a business.





  • LearnVest

LearnVest provides easy-to-understand financial advice, information and tools for women (and men!) hoping to take control of their financial lives. The CEO and founder is a woman!



Stop making excuses of not knowing where to begin, start with you search engine. There are tools in place to help you get to where you want to people take advantage of them today!


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