We at Women Exceeding believe in goals.  While you’ve got to be a bit flexible and be able to roll with the punches of life, it remains true that “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  So as we all get prepared to bring in the new year, lets all take a few minutes to determine what it is that we want for ourselves and set some goals to order our steps towards.

I reached out to some of the women who inspire me to see what their visions were for 2015 & 2020 (because a smart woman not only plans, but plans ahead).  Here were some of the ones that stuck out:

Sales & Marketing Professional, 24


1. Buy first residential investment property

2. Successfully transition into unit manager role with Altria

3. Increase savings account portfolio by 120%

4. International travel

5 years-

1. Begin investment in commercial real estate

2. Be married and with 1st child

3. Removed from corporate world with sole financing from independent investments

Entrepreneur, 33

2015 goals:

1. Obtaining a balance between spiritual, personal and professional development. 

2. Strengthening personal relationship with God.

3. Commitment to launching my businesses in Q1/2015.

5 years:

1. More local/international travel, where my purpose is utilized. Ex: providing nutrition education/healthy meals to under served communities/countries.

2. Starting a family, but not on own. Being happy if Mr. Right has not found me.

3.  Purchasing a vacation home, with intention to retire early and spend several months there throughout the year.

RE Broker | Director | Signing Agent, 40s


1.  More family time. 

2.  Continuing education 

3. Build my sphere of influence. 

4.  Make time to workout. 

5.  Buy another investment property. 

5 years

1.  Take another international vacation. 

2.  Acquire my loan broker license. 

Journalist, 27


1: Create a financial plan to pay down student loan debt by 25%

2: Mend certain broken relationships and let go of grudges

5 years:

1: Have most or all student loans eliminated

2: Be a senior manager of Marketing and Communications and be on the way to becoming CEO or hold a Director title within the organization

JD/PhD Student, 25


1. Publish an article in a law review and in a peer reviewed journal in my field. 

2. Be less selfish.

3. Travel to 3 new countries.

5 years:

1. Receive a fellowship with funding for my dissertation.

2. Finish my JD-PhD

3. Find a comfortable balance between my professional and social lives.

I hope the goals they’ve agreed to share inspire you to get some of yours down on paper.  I know these accomplished ladies appreciated the exercise!

Make this next year the best year yet & let’s carry that success on for the next few years!

Stay encouraged, inspired, and empowered!



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