“Voting is the only way to ensure that your concerns matter. Period.” -Michelle Obama

Election day is quickly approaching, and it is vital for every citizen of our democracy to project their voice and vote. Indecision is still a decision. Inaction is consequently an action. Those that choose to sit out only create widening gaps of progression that future generations will struggle to close.

Critical issues related to human rights, immigration, gender equality, and more, are in the hands of the representatives that will arrive on our local ballots. Now is the time that we participate in campaigns, on and off digital platforms, so that we may take ownership in the policies that lay the foundation of our liberties and freedom.

The When We All Vote movement is sparked by a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization designed to initiate dialogue and spark interest in registering and voting. You may have seen Michelle Obama at the podium with a When We All Vote t-shirt, mobilizing the campaign with an empowering speech calling us all into our higher power of voting. During her speech at the University of Miami, the first lady illustrates the naivety of surrendering your power with the example of allowing your mother to pick out your outfit to go to the club (message!). This simple, yet relatable, imagery of powerlessness combats the school of thought that autonomy is not a necessity.

Are you ballot ready?

After registering to vote, you may have received your state’s ballot in the mail to inform you of the candidates that are running for office. Local measures and amendments that need to be decided upon at the polls also deserve your attention before marking “yes” or “no”. If you have yet to access your local ballot, after registering to vote, you can visit ballotready.org, enter your home address, and immediately access your ballot so you can make informed choices at the polls. Reviewing your ballot is an essential step in preparing for election day.


Wondering how you can spark enthusiasm in your friends and family to vote? Host a voting party and make a difference! #VoteTogether provides a Hosting Guide to help you plan your voting party event and make it a success. Humans love rewards, and what better way to engage the community around you by hosting a celebration that praises our fundamental right to vote.

United State of Women

History shows us that grassroots efforts spark everlasting change. The United State of Women has cultivated national and state-level actions and programs to activate hearts and minds to be informed of issues/policies/practices that are especially sensitive to women. Equitable policies that are in support of the liberty of women lead to happier and healthier communities. However, there is still a great need of work to be done to educate adversaries that are in disbelief of a woman’s innate ability to think for herself. Join the USOW team, participate in small actions that spread awareness about critical issues, attend an event, or sign up to get updates here.

Take Action

Embrace the encouragement and call to activism by taking action TODAY. Listed below are a few of the many activities that you can integrate into your superpower ability of voting:

  1. Register to vote, change, or check your registration today at https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote .
  2. Review, prepare, and discuss your ballot with at least five friends in your squad. Use the tools to have this happen now.
  3. Download the voting party toolkit here.
  4. Sign the ACLU petition to combat actions that attempt to suppress voter rights!
  5. Join the One Million Actions called by the United State of Women.
  6. Learn more ways you can take action by visiting the When We All Vote website







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