Where do you currently work, and what is your job description?

I work for BB&T as an Operations Specialist. 

Does your current role align with your career goals?

Not completely. I enjoy educating people about how to better control their finances and make better budgeting decisions. However, I need more creative freedom and the ability to do creative work.

What is your ultimate vision, or long term goal?

My ultimate vision is to create several businesses and/or assets that will create an ongoing stream of income. I plan on turning my lifestyle blog into an affluent brand. It isn’t about the job title for me. It’s about the lifestyle I want for myself. I want and need more control over my time where I am not constantly trading my time for money. I would then use that time to spend more with family and making a positive impact such as being a mentor and motivator to young women. However, if I had to choose an ideal job, it would be along the lines of a creative director of communications or executive producer in the fashion, beauty, motivational or entertainment industry.

Do you have any special projects you are working on to accomplish your goals? If so, can you tell us a little bit about what that is?

I have created an alluring lifestyle blog called Unkovered. It gives me the creative freedom I need in order to be a true advocate for everything I believe in. You know how the world tries to stifle your voice? Unkovered was created to express my perspective, thoughts, and opinions while representing rising to challenges and commanding a presence.

How do you define success? How are you currently visualizing your success?

I define success as living a life of significance and value by helping others achieve their dreams, spending quality time with people I love, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What is some advice you would give to a young lady with a similar dream as yours?

I would encourage her to get as much internship experience as possible. I would advise her to not limit herself and to do everything she can to accomplish her dreams. I would educate her on how important it is to intentionally develop yourself everyday.

Describe, from your perspective, what Women Exceeding represents.

Women Exceeding represents a platform where all women can be recognized for working hard and paving a way. It represents a combination of women who are entrepreneurs, from various career paths and career levels, who embrace the importance of creating opportunities for all women. It represents women who invest in themselves so they can positively invest in their community.

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