Where do you currently work, and what is your job description?

Marketing Coordinator- McConnell & Jones CPAs

I think the title sort of speaks for itself. I coordinate the marketing and branding efforts of the firm. That includes, but is not limited to writing articles, press release distribution, collateral design, event planning, and website management.

Does your current role align with your career goals?

Yes and no. My skillset is in marketing; but, to be honest, marketing is just something I know how to do. I just happen to be fairly decent at it. I have a desire to explore a more creative writing passion. Additionally, I would like to start a few streams of passive income related to the beauty industry.

What is your ultimate vision, or long term goal?

Financial Stability. My ultimate goal is to make money doing something that doesn’t feel like work. I’d rather do something I want to do and not something I just happen to know how to do.

Do you have any special projects you are working on to accomplish your goals? If so, can you tell us a little bit about what that is?

Yes, but I am a firm believer in keeping my plans and “money moves” near and dear. I don’t like telling people what I’m working on in order to preserve the positive energy in the universe surrounding that project. Just know, I am working.

How do you define success? How are you currently visualizing your success?

Success is relative to your current situation and is a reflection of your life experiences. As a person who suffers from depression and anxiety, some days I feel like success would equal getting out of bed that day. Other times, success to me is having enough money in the bank to put my bills on auto-pay, graduating a professional development program, or earning a promotion. I try to take it one step at a time and not put a hard definition on ambiguous terms, such as “success”.

What is some advice you would give to a young lady with a similar dream as yours?

My glasses can’t always help you see clearer because my prescription is not your prescription. By that I mean, what worked for me may not help you in anyway because your vision is not my vision. I can give you the tools to a foundation, but you have to find your own way and be authentic. Figuring out things on your own teaches you so much more than trying to emulate others. If all else fails, get your foot in the door and google the rest (literally my life motto).

Describe, from your perspective, what Women Exceeding represents.

It means achieving positive things against all odds.

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