Where do you currently work, and what is your job description?

Wells Fargo Bank, Senior Business Banking Specialist

I provide guidance and business banking services to local business owners with an emphasis on business lending. I work proactively to acquire new customers and deepen the existing relationships within the Small Business Segment of the Community Bank.

Does your current role align with your career goals?

I have never loved a role more than the one I have now, because it underlines what is important to me. I spend a majority of my time visiting local businesses and participating in community organizations, which allows me to continuously learn more about the communities I serve.

What is your ultimate vision, or long term goal?

I used to think I was torn on my ultimate vision. I saw myself leading a business segment within the company I work for now. I saw myself as a small business owner. I saw myself serving a non-profit organization. I still see all of those, but they don’t feel “either-or” anymore.  I can absolutely have all of the above and more.

Do you have any special projects you are working on to accomplish your goals? If so, can you tell us a little bit about what that is?

I recently asked my Leadership Team if I could incorporate more coaching into my role, as a commitment to developing our team. I’m thankful they have trusted me with the additional responsibility for a few quarters now. The opportunity to engage, lead and inspire reminds me it feels very good to be supported by my leaders.

How do you define success? How are you currently visualizing your success?

Success to me is achieving what you set out to do. No matter how little or grand, setting your mind on something and doing whatever it takes to get there is success. I’m all about celebrating all victories, big and small. When I visualize my success, I imagine the alignment of three things, my life goals (children, marriage, homeownership, etc,) the means to support said life goals, and a job I love. I feel like it’s not too far away and I’m celebrating each victory along the way.

What is some advice you would give to a young lady with a similar dream as yours?

Never rule anything out. You don’t have to choose one path or another and the path you choose doesn’t have to be up. Being more openminded allows for opportunities to come your way. Instead of promoting, I made a lateral move to a different market. It feels like a promotion, because I’m being challenged and learning new things. It’s created opportunities I never would’ve had before.

Describe, from your perspective, what Women Exceeding represents.

For me, WE represents the power of women coming together. When we support each other, we are an unstoppable force. WE is a place for all women to connect, grow, learn, support, collaborate, and empower. It is a hub for WE power.


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