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Everyone knows that a pictures speaks 1,000 words. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a good impression due to a bad photo. Here are some tips to getting a great LinkedIn Profile Picture.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply maintaining your professional image, your LinkedIn Profile picture speaks volumes. There are plenty of different styles to try out.

It’s important that you keep your profile picture up to date so in case you’re in need of a re-fresh, take a look at some tips below to make sure it’s up to par.

Good Lighting

To start, make sure your photo is in good lighting. If a professional is taking it, they’ll know exactly what to do. If you’re DIY-ing it, make sure you’re facing the light. It’s best to use outdoor light or stand in front of a window. Steer clear of harsh shadows and artificial lighting.

Smile or Smizes Allowed

You don’t have to show all of your pearly whites but a smile will make you seem approachable. If smiles aren’t your thing, go for “kind eyes”. A little smirk will do. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a laugh if it’s suitable for your field. During your shoot, give each look a try and then choose your favorite.

Use a good camera

Check with your friends to see if any of them have a nicer DSLR camera. If they do, see if they would be willing to take a few headshots of you for your profile picture. If not, thanks to modern technology, some camera phones do the job. I’ve gotten some great shots using my iPhone’s portrait mode.

Dress the part

While a headshot mostly shows your head (duh), you will still want to take into consideration the clothes you’re wearing. If you’re in a professional field, like a lawyer or accountant, put on a nice blazer. If you’re in the medical field, wear that white coat you worked so hard for. If you’re in a creative or tech field, feel free to go for a more relaxed look. You want your photo to align with your personal brand and make a statement.

No selfies please

For the love of the internet, please have someone else take the photo. A profile picture should always, always be taken by someone else. No selfies and no group photos where you have to maneuver around some weird cropping. Ask a friend, a parent, or even give the self-timer a go in order to get the shot. And don’t fake it either, we can see that arm.

With these easy tips, you’ll have a great LinkedIn Profile picture in no time!

Does your profile picture need an update?

XO Sydney

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