We love connecting with other women-led organizations and sharing their experiences. Many organizations we support have blogs that detail life experiences and events that are transformative both personally and professionally. Check out this recent guest blog, published by nonprofit organization, My Sister’s Keeper, on Michelle Obama’s recent “Becoming” book tour stop in Houston, Texas.

‘“Am I Good Enough” is the lingering question that many of us ponder as we embark upon life’s journey, trials, and desires.  Former First Lady, Michelle Obama gives an unapologetic deep dive into her life as this looming question persisted at each stage…..and on March 2, 2019 she actually took the stage in Houston, TX selling out Toyota Center to discuss her New York Times Bestseller- “Becoming.”

As we geared up for the event of the season, My Sister’s Keeper hosted its 2nd event for the year- Brunch & Book club “Becoming” earlier that morning.  An inter-generational dynamic group of women came together in a thought-provoking discussion and shared their stories with the back drop of Michelle’s Memoirs.  We covered various thematic topics Michelle intently highlights in her book from self-worth, being the “typecast angry black woman”, Obama’s reluctance of getting married, balancing families with careers, fertility, marginalization of African Americans, social issues that plague our communities, and breaking barriers to aspiring new heights.  We closed out the book club with our 1st podcast, and later journeyed downtown to hear from the illustrious Michelle Obama in a full celebratory day of womanhood.

As thousands flocked to the arena with lines formed outside hours before the doors open, many stood anxious to get inside to hear from but mostly be inspired by a woman, mother, wife and world leader that stood for a platform of Change!  The event opened with five local women including Bridget Hilliard, the founder of B’s Girls Foundation to a local Girl Scout all sharing their journey of “Becoming.”  Shortly after, Michelle Obama graced the stage with a sequenced stylish pants suit, along with an old friend/interviewer to discuss the book and her life.  The hour and fifteen minute segment was filled with laughter, inspirational charges to the audience and heartwarming memories that Michelle shared of her family and even vulnerabilities.  She gave a chronological walk at the start of her life as a bright eyed young girl, focused on being the best and giving her best that was instilled from her family and her late father- Fraser Robinson II.  Michelle cited the importance that fathers and male role models play in the life of young daughters and women as it fostered her later relationship with Barack.  She expounded how many strong black men were instrumental in her life, extending beyond her father to both grandfathers, uncles, brother and cousins yet was never once abused at the hands of any men.  However, acknowledging that several other women are not as fortunate and the abuse of men to our young girls and even boys has had resounding impact on the productivity and success in that person’s life.  Michelle then went on to talk about her fortitude in her educational pursuits- as early as 2nd grade where she witnessed, and felt the great “white flight” to the suburbs as many inner city diverse communities turned overnight to predominantly African American neighborhoods.  The impact was lack of school funding, community outreach programs, businesses and more.  Michelle recalled the distinct difference from her 1st grade to 2nd grade shift in course work, classroom atmosphere and even the attention and engagement from her teacher.  Yes, she explained “I sensed this at eight years of age.”  Luckily, Michelle’s mother went to the school as an advocate, leading to her being tested and moved to a gifted/talented program.  Nevertheless, Michelle again expressed compassion for fellow classmates that might not have had advocates, and how this transformation environment change shifted the trajectory of a person’s life decades later.

The interviewer skipped ahead to discuss Michelle’s post educational success to her first job at Sidley Austin Law Firm, and the summer she met the dynamic Barak Obama.  As you have heard the story, he was a summer intern and the partners in the office thought it would be “best” for Michelle, a 1st year law associate to be his mentor as he onboarded to the firm.  Michelle shares the funny story of her initial perception of him from his name, his picture and being a fellow Harvard Law School student.  Nevertheless, all pre-conceived notions subsided when they first met as she described “He was FINE!”  That summer Michelle explains they fell in love and the rest was “herstory.”

As Barak and Michelle took on the campaign trail and during their time in the White House, Michelle addressed the harsh and negative critics she encountered along the way.  She explained the challenge and disbelief that onlookers would flat out lie, and make pre-judgement without ever really knowing her as a person.  This became a rising theme throughout the event- despite the color of our skin, gender and or any other difference, we are all people and more often than not have commonalities to connect and relate with one another.   Michelle shared this as the major learning in this chapter of her life- as we grow to be whole people we can then learn to accept and connect with others despite our differences.  Lastly, Michelle shared that we each have a purpose and the idea of destiny is not a stagnant place, but more of an ever growing and evolving journey, so when we ponder the question “Am I Good Enough” we can answer “Yes I AM” because we are all Becoming!”

In sponsorship by My Sister’s Keeper– a platform launched by two sisters (Loren McCray & Jeannae Sims) with one shared vision to uplift, empower and inspire women through their journey with a “sistership” that provides self, career, spiritual, and relational development.  As this 2019 year progresses, these women will continue to act as Sisters Helping Inspire Profound Solidarity! 

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