Your new baby is born. You have everything in place to make her grow. You even planned in your start up budget to spend $5,000+ to obtain several media hits through a PR firm. You get your hits through that firm and those turn into a large traffic bump but that bump doesn’t quite convert to enough new customers and your ROI is low. Now, since the media loves any and everything that has exclusivity, no other publications are interested in providing placements of your product. You find yourself back at square one with $5,000+ less in your pocket.

One of the most important things to me when I drafted a business plan 3 years ago was to have a brand that has the feel of exclusivity. I also thought a PR firm was needed until only a month into the launch of my business I was sent a link to Great Day St. Louis where Pear Nova Nail Lacquer was being used for a nail art segment. Then a couple months later she – my company is a woman of course- popped up on the fingernails of Dianne Vavra of Dior, then on the cover of Bello Mag, then LeAnn Rimes decided to dip her toes in a Pear Nova shade for an appearance on Wendy Williams and finally, Lena Freaking Dunham flaunted her all over The Tonight Show on freshly manicured hands (Thanks Elle!).

Now, as you may have guessed, my mind has changed regarding the need of a PR firm. At this time I only feel the need for myself and my team to be publicists for Pear Nova and tell her story because were living it and no one can tell it better than us.

To be your own PR team and to even start a business you should first know your target audience and the most effective ways to market to that audience. Secondly, its a good idea to work on a contact list of key people, influencers and media publications. This list should come into play when deciding on invitees for events. We live in a tech driven world so youll have a leg up when your contact list can put a face and personal feel to your company rather than just scrolling through your Twitter, Instagram or website. Lastly, keep in touch with your key people and find the right time after a connection is made to send that personal message regarding publicity posts, blog write ups or coverage. These people can always be kept on your email list for newsletters but keep in mind theyre being sent those on a daily basis and most likely ignoring them.

With all of that said, there are instances where a PR firm can be useful to your business: think tv personalities, politicians and larger companies rehabbing their image or trying to break into new target markets. I do believe as my company grows we will one day need a fancy PR firm to open those big doors that aren’t so easy to get in front of, but right now the Pear Nova team is enjoying adding publicist to our ever growing list of titles.

Rachel James

CEO & Publicist at Pear Nova Nail Lacquer

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